BAD FENG SHUI – A Desk in the Bedroom

By: Anita Rosenberg – Spiritualist
Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

Other than Hugh Hefner, going to work in your PJs while sitting on your bed is NOT empowering. I know a lot of people do it. Kids also do homework while sitting on their bed. And many people have desks and computers in their bedrooms. But in Feng Shui – this is not acceptable and I will tell you why.

First of all, the bedroom should be very YIN. Yin is a restful place that you can recharge your battery through sleep and rejuvenate your spirit through romance. Anything YANG does not belong in the bedroom. Yang is seen in televisions, computers, exercise equipment, books, mirrors, and anything active. By placing a desk with a computer in your bedroom it reminds you of all the work have to do. It can stress you out even when sleeping. The electronics on the computer itself emits unhealthy EMF frequencies even when turned off.

Secondly, how empowering is it to make those crucial business calls and deals from your bed? A successful business person needs a desk with a supportive chair and to be surrounded by an important office. Would Donald Trump take a meeting on a billion-dollar property in his bedroom? Would Oprah Winfrey talk to the head of a studio while in her slippers? Well, maybe they would – but you should not.

Finally, your home office is still an office and adheres to the rules of a power center. You want to sit facing your Sheng Qi or most powerful position (determined by your personal gua and a Feng Shui expert can help you find that – you know where to find me.) The desk should command the room. Display your awards and accomplishments. Power symbols include crystals like citrine the merchant stone, and Ganesh to remove obstacles, or Buddha to attract money, maybe a RuYi at your desk for power, and possibly Pi Yao or baby dragon to hold your money in.

Final note: do not work out of your bedroom. Children should not do their homework in their bedroom. Computers and televisions are too active for bedrooms. Honor your sleep. Recharge your battery and get out there and conquer the world – just not in your pajamas!

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Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

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