Artists Asssimilating: Tribe Mafia’s 5 Things To Do While “Sheltering in Place”

As the “shelter in place” order has changed the day-to-day lives of many people across the globe, some may find it difficult to find ways to create a new schedule and assimilate to life at home. Artists and musicians in particular, are trying to find new approaches to connect with their fans while still creating the music that they will love. Although this change has been difficult for both of us, we’re still working together to perfect our craft and share our music with our fans. For all the artists and musicians out there who are finding it difficult to cope, we’ve decided to share what we’ve been doing during this quarantine. 

NUMBER 1: There’s nothing like spending the perfect downtime by making new songs and beats. We usually spend quite some time in the studio, so we’re used to the countless hours. Although working on music occupies most of our time, it definitely makes the days go by faster. We usually collaborate with other artists in different studios but we’ve been sending a lot of music through email which is ultimately more sufficient. It’s great to collab with other artists across the country and find a community along the way.

NUMBER 2: Along with creating, we’ve been promoting our newest music and video releases. It’s always important for an artist to market their music in the best way possible. We just dropped our latest LP Teepee Gang and our newest music video for our song “Follow Me.” Despite the fact that performances are a way in which an artist can market their music, we’ve been finding new ways to promote through social media. One promotion we’ve found effective is through YouTube music reactions and music video reviews

NUMBER 3: To interact with fans and other artists, we’ve been using Instagram Live. Since the “shelter at home” order was placed, Instagram Live has been used as either a performing outlet, interview outlet, or another way to interact with fans for artists. Entertainers are using the avenue of social media even more so now that various concerts, television show tapings, and other large gatherings have been cancelled. Honestly, Instagram Live is really fun and fun to watch. 

NUMBER 4: While perfecting our craft, we’re also learning about things outside of music with daily trading stocks. We’ve been reading and casually following the stock market each day, learning about the economic trends, third-party analysis, and its general investing lingo.   

NUMBER 5: Networking is such a major aspect in the music industry. We’ve been connecting with artists, journalists, and other big players in music through social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Although we aren’t able to have those face-to-face conversations, we still try to reach out to those people as best as we can. Now that we have more time on our hands, we’re focusing on maximizing our contacts in every way possible. 

So there you have it! Here’s what we’ve been doing as artists during this quarantine to help keep us busy, stay connected, and share our music. We hope these tips help other artists during this quarantine and overall, that you stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands!

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Photo 1 source: Tribe Mafia via Zulia Barrios. Photo 2 source: Chinasa Broxton of Tribe Mafia via Zulia Barrios. Photo 3 source: “Follow Me”music video review on YouTube via Reese Finesse. Photo 4 source: Tory Lanez on Instagram Live via Medium. Photo 5 source: Stock market updates via MarketWatch. Photo 6 source: Google image via UIHere. Photo 7 source: Tribe Mafia via Drkweatherstudios.

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