Ahhhh-chooooooooo! Yoga For Your Sinuses

This Spring has been most challenging for people who have sinus and allergy issues. The rainy winter in Los Angeles helped an explosion of wild and cultivated flowers bloom that we haven’t seen in forty years!

This boom in bloom is making our usually dry land look push and colorful. Although beautiful, its also causing major havoc for people who experience sinus and allergy symptoms. Thank goodness, yoga and a few other easy things can help.

Helps open the chest and releive tension in the rib cage
Standing Side Stretch, helps open the chest and relieve tension in muscles that support the rib cage.

Many of my yoga students have been saying they are popping more allergy and sinus meds than usual. One student joked, “I just don’t want to die!” 

The healing benefits of yoga can help reduce the symptoms of sniffling, sneezing, watery eyes and exhaustion. If you are already feeling comprised, practicing yoga that is slower paced and mindful is recommended. You don’t need to do anything to further aggravate the respiratory system.

Neti Pot

Yoga helps clean your blood, build your immune system, relieve stress and drain your sinuses. So keep tissues close by! Its good that the mucus is running out and not staying inside your body.

Here are a few other helpful tips to relieve allergies and sinus issues: The Neti pot. Something I love to hate and hate to love! The nets pot clears your nasal passages and makes breathing a joy again. Admittedly, there can be a learning curve. However, to be able to breathe easier, its worth extra effort.

Eating clean and simple will also help the body feel nourished. Living in Los Angeles we have a plethora of farmers markets for seasonal local produce. Often when we feel under the weather, we don’t feel like cooking, right?

Pho Soup

I love a good Vietnamese Pho soup. Its a brothy yet hearty soup full of your choice of veggies and or meat protein, noodles with fresh herbs, bamboo and jalepenos on the side. I just checked out a new restaurant with Pho options to suit all tastebuds, from vegans to meat eaters, delish! Its called Fue in Studio City.

Of course, getting enough rest is always important. All of these suggestions are natural, low cost and low risk. Listen to your body, it will speak to you. Ultimately, we want the body to feel supported as it works to combat sinuses and allergies.

Cheers to enjoying the rest of your beautiful, sneeze free, Spring season.

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Image credits: Featured post by Domink QN, Yoga pic by Alex Vasilescu, Neti Pot by Kitchen Table Medicine and Pho Soup by Matthew Hamilton

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