A Spook-tacular Party: Tips for your Halloween Night.

By: Diana Sproveri – Entertaining Contributor

Diana Sproveri, designer of baked goods
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Young or old, Halloween parties are fun and appropriate for any age.  Whether you’re entertaining your friends and colleagues, or perhaps a family party where Uncle Harold still dresses up like that zombie that he ‘thinks’ is scary, here are a few tips to throw a spook-tacular Halloween extravaganza.
Nothing sets the mood at Halloween than the first walk up the driveway.  Take time to decorate the outside and bring your guests into the atmosphere of the party.  Pumpkin luminaries are great, simple way to celebrate Halloween, as well light the walkway on a dark night.

Finger foods without the mess are the best way to go on Halloween.  With all of the makeup and elaborate costumes, guests will want to stay simple when reaching for the buffet table.  Of course, you can be creative with your dishes, especially on Halloween.  Try these MUMMY DOGS – a creepy, delicious bite.
While most of the time I feel organized games are left to the kiddies, Halloween is one time to break the rules – especially when it involves food.  Creative eating contests are a fun idea for all ages – degree of difficult is left up to you.  
Donut Eating Contest 
Halloween parties are all about detail.  Whether it’s a bowl of realistic looking spiders, cob webs strung from every lamp, or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” blasting from the speakers, paying attention to the details is vital to setting the mood.  A bowl of steaming punch is one DIY idea that you can do the day before.  The eye balls make a lovely accent.  
Here are some extra things you can have on hand for your guests.
1) Have extra costumes or masks on hand.  You always have those few guests who were maybe a little hesitant about dressing up for Halloween.  This allows them to join in the fun at the last minute.
2) H20.  Some costumes may cause them to be warmer than usual – especially those with masks or heavy coats, etc.  Keep your guests hydrated.
3) Makeup remover.  Often times, at the end of the night, some of that “all natural gold makeup” may have gotten in the way of a pleasant evening for a guest.  Have some toiletries and extra t-shirts available just in case.  Pond’s Cold Cream and some tissues usually do the trick. 
Lastly, we all know that Halloween is a time to step out of your own skin and be someone else.  Even if you’re not quite sure you can pull off that Princess Leia gold bikini costume, or you’re worried that your friends won’t understand your obsession with The Avengers, my advice is go for it.  Halloween is an evening to be daring and break the rules.  Your costume should be no exception.  Have a happy and safe Happy Halloween!

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Contributor’s Website:  
Diana Sproveri 

Image credits:  Photo 1: Martha Stewart, Photo 2: Our Best Bites; Photo 3: Martha StewartPhoto 4: Halloween Magazine; Photo 5: LolliBakes
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