Time To Get Real, Time To Heal

Los Angeles Post Election + Holiday Rush

I trust you are still recovering from the intense US presidential election. Even people in other countries are feeling the effects on some level. Whoever you voted for, there is a lot to process. The extended campaigning was both inspiring and grueling. Take the time you need to heal. With that being said, life is moving forward. It seems too soon, yet the holidays are right around the corner. First up, Thanksgiving, the season of gratitude. Lets please get real about how much we have to be grateful for. 

Don’t Put Your Wellness on the Shelf, No no no

How are you spending the Thanksgiving Holiday? With dear friends, traveling to see family, or solo? Whatever you do, don’t put your wellness on no the shelf. I get it, January goals of getting in shape, mind and body, are first on the list. Right now, other vices may seem like the best remedy. Can we please keep our wellness a priority post election and throughout the holidays? Yes, we can. It’ll make the January wellness goals much easier. It’ll make the healing process much smoother (perhaps not easier). We know this. You know this!

That’s why I created this playful yet healing yoga video for you. When I travel, when it seems like everything is going to hell and a handbag, I do best in ALL situations when I practice yoga. I regret when I skip it. You too? Then this is for you. Enjoy.

Intelligent Yoga is Amazing for Your Immune System

You want to feel your best before, during and after your time off.  How many times have you traveled, had a great time and came back sick? You don’t want to be susceptible to all the nasty germs of those around you, especially if you are flying. You may want to take a few deep breaths and decide wether you should shove another serving of stuffing in your mouth:) You may want to approach uncomfortable family situations with a sense of feeling grounded AND open. And most importantly you may wish to be kind to yourself. Not always easy with obligations and uncertainty swarming in the air. It is always worth doing what is right for your body and mind. 


Choosing Gratitude, Because We Can

Gratitude is the highest form of prayer. While feeling an immense amount of pain in her concession speech, Hillary Clinton mentioned how grateful she was for her team and supporters.

Come on, bust out your journal, your phone, whatever you have handy. Write at least 10 things you are grateful for. This spiritual practice does make you feel connected. In short, you’ll feel better.

Here’s My Quick List

  1. My father, after many health scares, is on good spirits AND is celebrating his 80th birthday this month!
  2. An evolving career in wellness that creates transformation for my clients and makes my heart sing.
  3. My incredible yoga teachers who I continue to learn from.
  4. The amount of ongoing forgiveness and letting go thats happened this past year. Intense yet wonderful.
  5. A spirituality coach that helps me see things from a healthy and practical perspective. Let me know if you want her info!
  6. A life changing trip to Madagascar. I’ve dreamt of going to Africa for 15 years or more!
  7. The amazing human beings I’ve met in elevators, cafes, Fryman Canyon and Big Five (its so LA). You’ve made lasting imprints on my life in 2016.
  8. Being given the opportunities to speak my truth, live my truth, even when its really uncomfortable.
  9. My friends and family, who I love dearly (and I often take for granted).
  10. Trusting that setbacks of any kind are not failures, yet an opportunity to dig deep, get back on track and live on mission!

 Sending you gratitude and happiness.

Mindfulness Tips

First, please do warm up exercises before practicing the yoga video. It is recommended to watch first and then just follow along as a guide. Secondly, one of my mentors taught me to ask myself, “Is this in my highest and best good?” This makes the choice clear. OUR choices- no judgement, zero, zilch, nada. As long as you are breathing, you can make another choice and thats pretty powerful.

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