9 Tips Guys Need To Know About A Spa

Not everything on the menu is feminine.
I agree that while most of the treatments at a spa menu tend to be feminine in orientation that doesn’t mean you can’t have a manly experience. Look for treatments specifically tailored to men, but more importantly:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you book your appointment.
Spa menus are confusing with lots of exotic terminology. Don’t book online – do it by phone so that when you don’t understand something you can ask for an explanation. Describe the outcomes you want (i.e. – relaxation, detoxing, sports recovery, etc…) and then ask for a recommendation. They do this for a living and can guide you to the treatment that’s right for you.


Male or female therapist?
If you have a hangup one way or the other about the gender of your therapist, don’t worry about it. Just make sure to be specific about what you want when you make the reservation. I will say that in my experience it’s more important to ask about the therapists specialty training than their gender. As an example if you want a sports massage, make it clear you want their best sports person no matter who they are and you will be rewarded with a better experience.

Problems and Goals
Before the massage starts make sure you are clear about any problem areas for the therapist to focus on or avoid. The therapist doesn’t need to know your full medical history, but anything that will affect the quality and safety of your massage is certainly important to share If you want extra attention on certain spots, speak up. As an example if you have a bad shoulder or recent foot surgery make sure you explain the nature of the injury. During the massage give feedback as the therapist is working (a little less pressure on the neck, a little more pressure on the hamstrings) so that you get the results you want.


Yes, you should be naked under the sheet
If modesty is an issue you can certainly keep your knickers on while you’re getting a massage. It’s more important that you’re comfortable so you can relax than it is to worry about what you’re wearing. Whatever you choose, know that you will always be appropriately covered. Your therapist will leave the room before you disrobe and get under the covers, and step out again after the treatment is over to give you time to put your robe back on. Every professional therapist will make sure you are comfortably covered throughout your treatment

Consider a couples treatment
Some guys are worried about what the wife/girlfriend will think about them going to a spa. Solution? Bring her with you! Many spas offer side-by-side couples treatments in the same room. Ideally you can each choose a different style of massage (example – she gets the aromatherapy treatment she loves while you get a deep tissue massage) and perhaps a soak in a tub together. Win win.


Take advantage of the entire facility – sauna, jacuzzi, etc…
You’re spending good money for a visit to a spa and you’re missing out if you don’t take the opportunity for a luxurious soak in the tub or a long steam in the sauna, or just take the time to relax and drink the cucumber water in the relation room afterwards. Don’t dismiss the cucumber water, fella’s.

Don’t be late – be early.
Think of a spa appointment like a golf tee time. You need to arrive a few minutes early to park, check in, get changed in the locker room, and be relaxed and loose when your turn comes. Showing up 5 minutes late and rushing into the treatment room like a madman defeats the purpose of having a relaxing day.

The point is to relax!
It’s OK to let yourself enjoy the experience. Leave the cell phone behind and just go with the flow. You won’t regret it.

Written by: Scott Buss.Courtesy of www.LarchmontSanctuary.com

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