Tools to Help a Messy Spouse

Do you share your closet with a messy significant other?  If you answered yes, keep reading!  I find that my clients ask me for tips on how to help their husbands organize and maintain their side of the closet.  I’m going to share a few easy tools that you can sneak into your husband’s side of the closet to keep his clothing more organized.

Most people keep a hamper in their closet, but have you heard of adding a sleek trash bin in your closet?  Keep a trash bin tucked away in your husband’s side of the closet.  This is so he can easily remove the plastic bags and wire hangers from his dry cleaning.  This is a quick and simple way to make your closet appear more organized and less cluttered.

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Acrylic shoe boxes are a great way to keep men’s shoes dust free and perfectly organized.  Not only does the acrylic give your closet a luxurious look, but these boxes easily stack together making it a foolproof way to stay organized.  No more staring at a cluttered shoe shelf!


Click here to purchase these acrylic shoe boxes. Photo Credit: Caitlin Jaymes

Add in a few jewelry boxes.  Even if your husband doesn’t wear jewelry, it’s a great place to store any accessories he may use on a daily basis.  Having one designated spot for miscellaneous accessories will be sure to eliminate any excess mess around your closet.

Click here to purchase this storage box.  Photo Credit: Caitlin Jaymes

Being organized doesn’t have to be complicated.  Think of simple and realistic solutions for your significant other that will help him stay organized on a daily basis.  These small changes will be sure to make a big impact!

Written by: Caitlin Jaymes   

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