7 Hacks for Leftover Champagne and Bubbly

Leftover Champagne Hacks
Keep Leftover Champagne
Leftover Champagne Hacks
Seven Hacks for Leftover Champagne

Envision the scene.  The Holiday Dinner party or NYE party has ended.  It was a terrific time of celebrating friendship (and new love?) with the pleasures of conversation, food and Champagne.  However, even the most fabulous night will find the morning with several bottles of bubbly unfinished.

Stop!  Do not throw those sparklers away.  Here are 7 Joyful Hacks for using the leftover joy of Champagne and sparkling wine:


  1. Immediately pour into ICE CUBE trays and freeze.  Put a few wooden sticks in the cubes. Now you have frozen bubbly POPSICLES, or sparkling wine ice cubes to add to cocktails, or cubes to put into a glass of sparkling wine, or, wait for it — a key ingredient for a facial.  Don’t worry about mixing different bottles into the ice cube trays – this cuvee now becomes a glittery addition to many recipes.
Champagne Popsicle
Champers Cocktail Popsicles
  1. Make A FIZZY FACIAL – you could be a tad dehydrated and sleep deprived from all the festivities. Here’s a DIY facial that makes good use of any leftover Champagne or sparkling wine.
  2. Let’s say your pals are all coming over for breakfast in a few hours to recall the great night and help with the cleanup. Sure, you could do mimosas or bellinis or Royales, however, that is so 2017.  You might not have thought about it, but the fruity, yeasty (read bread-like aroma) and – if a vintage Champagne – nutty flavors are terrific mixed into PANCAKE, CREPE or WAFFLE batter.  The effervescence creates a lightness in the resulting “cakes”.
  3. Your leftover fizz creates this CLASSIC SEA SCALLOP meal.  Elegance in 15 minutes.
Scallops and Champagne Sauce
A 15-minute elegant Scallop with Champagne sauce meal.
  1. Use as a DISINFECTANT. Yes, really. Your bottle of bubbly has gone flat, so pour it into a spray bottle and wait about ten days.  It will become a very classy vinegar cleaning agent to bring shine to mirrors and windows.  No, really.
  2. Start the year off right by ditching the bottled salad dressing and instead making CHAMPAGNE VINAIGRETTE.  Super easy.
The New Year is a transformative time
The New Year is a transformative time for mindfulness.

We are living in a watershed moment and this New Year is ushering in a transformative time.  This season is one in which we find joy and celebration while being mindful of our accomplishments and where we have yet to make our mark.

A good start is not to waste any leftover Champagne or Bubbly!

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Photos Courtesy:  vipsparklers.com, Food 52, The Underground Letter, Pinterest

Stacie Hunt, Certified Silver Pin Sommelier, Splash Productions

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