The Recipe For Successful Closet Organizing

Cleaning out and organizing your closet can be a daunting task.  My clients say that without my help, the process is stressful, overwhelming, and aggravating.  Common mistakes that lead to a bad closet organizing experience are a lack of patience, taking your entire wardrobe out of your closet all at once, and foregoing a game plan before starting the process. 

When starting the closet organizing process, you need to remember to remain patient.  This process can take quite a while and can be emotionally and physically draining.  Just continue to keep your eye on the prize!  When I clean out my own closet, I create a fun environment by playing my favorite podcast, music, or TV show.   

After organizing a variety of closets, I have found my clients to be less stressed, when we go through categories of their wardrobe instead of taking every piece out at once. This technique of removing every piece from your closet and creating a pile, was made popular by Marie Kondo. However, it can easily and quickly shock and overwhelm you, causing you to abandon the process altogether.  

Working through categories of your closet will help you stay focused on your closet organizing game plan.  Make sure you set goals for yourself while you organize.  For example, if your goal is to change up your wardrobe, make sure you are realistic about how many pieces you need to rid your current wardrobe of.  

An organized and spacious closet will be sure to add stability and peace to your everyday life.  Make sure to set aside time to better yourself, the end result is always worth it!



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