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I am always impressed by people that can reinvent the wheel, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry. That is exactly how I feel about Aristotle Dreher and his show, Aristotle Full Throttle on YouTube. Dreher takes an honest review show and adds an element of humor that gets everyone from industry folk to normal movie goers alike to laugh. However, don’t be fooled by the humor and special effects. Dreher does his homework when it comes to analyzing films and TV shows to make sure that his audience gets the critique they deserve.

I figured I should sit down with this, “bro in the know with the fro” creator and see how he started his show and how he “reinvented the wheel”, so I could pass that knowledge on to my readers. Here is Aristotle’s story-

Aristotle Dreher

What made you create Aristotle Full Throttle?

Dreher: I was eating a sandwich one day and thought of how good the sandwich tasted to my mouth, then it struck me… what if a YouTube show tasted this good in my brain!? And then I immediately began work developing my show. Well not immediately, I finished my sandwich first. Oh, and because I like things that are entertaining, humorous & informative… but mostly goofy.

How much time did it take from the time you had the idea about doing Aristotle Full Throttle to the time the first episode went up online?

Dreher: I started a weekly video podcast with my former band called Vaeda Radio (  But after that ended it took me a few years to put my own show together and one that I could host myself. Movies and Music are the main things I enjoy, but the format on YouTube makes it difficult to talk about music… because talking about music is like dancing about a painting. You really have to experience it first hand, and YouTube will automatically hit you with copyright strikes if you play musical excerpts, so it’s just technically less restrictive to review film and TV. But, I do want to start a podcast about music at some point.

What makes your show different from other TV/Film review shows that are out there? 

Dreher: There are a lot of channels out there like Wisecrack, Mr. Sunday Movies, Nerdist, and VSauce which are geeky, nerdy and a huge inspiration for me. Though I would have to say that my show features way more of a fro factor than any other show out there.  If other shows caught on to this secret, then they’d all be the bro in the know with the fro… but I don’t think so.  I hope that my sense of humor and my point of view are unique and interesting enough for people to latch onto for their momentary enjoyment while they’re sitting on the toilet watching youtube.

How long have you been doing this show?

Dreher: I started my show in April 2016 and since then I’ve made about 150+ shows!  And boy are my arms tired.

You do everything from creating the content, to filming and editing the episodes. How long does each one take to make?

Dreher: This entirely depends on how caffeinated I am. The shortest can take 3-4 hours, but some episodes like my 15 facts about the movie Alien video ( took me about a month of editing it on and off.  I always sit down and say to myself “I’m just going to do a short video today….” but on average, from top to bottom it takes about 9 hours.  I don’t like to put a video out there unless I find it somewhat amusing or consider it “worth watching” in my opinion.  I have a music and songwriting background which I think has influenced how I set a rhythm or pacing for a show. While I’m editing, If I ever get bored or disinterested in a section or what’s happening on screen, I just chop it out or try to spice it up. Same goes for songwriting… AND for making a 3 bean chili.

How many episodes do you produce in a month?

Dreher: I try to do 1-2 episodes per week. The first month I started my channel, I attempted to do one every single day. I managed to make about 24 in 30 days, I think. But if I can make 1 a week I’m happy. If I go for longer than that, I start to get the shakes, the bends and I constantly see images of that giant evil rabbit from Donnie Darko… and he keeps trying to sell me a wheelbarrow full of wet lettuce.  It’s very specific and nauseating.

What was one of your favorite episodes and why?

Dreher: I did a series of fact videos on Star Wars.  Those are the most fun for me because;

  1. I love Star Wars.
  2. Who doesn’t love Star Wars? and
  3. If you don’t like Star Wars, I’m sorry, your world isn’t as vibrant and gratifying as it potentially could be and,
  4. What was the question?  Those videos involve a lot of tangential and random minutiae that some super-fans may not even know about.  I’m very careful to procure unique facts or make an observation of my own about a movie or the making of it…. Like the fact that Chewbacca isn’t wearing any pants or the fact that George Lucas once tried to eat his own head. #FakeNews

Do you see Aristotle Full Throttle morphing into something else, another show perhaps?

Dreher: I really want to do more involving animation as well as improvisational shows or comedic satire along the lines of something like Comedy Bang Bang, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, or the Eric Andre Show but you know… completely different and in my own style, flair and dare I say… panache?  Is panache the stuff you drizzle on cupcakes?  Yeah, that. Because it’s delicious.

“Maybe other people will try to limit me, but I don’t limit myself. ”

– Jim Carrey

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