5 Easy Steps to Feng Shui Bliss

By: Anita Rosenberg – Spiritualist

Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

1. Live with what you love

Home is where your stuff is. Less is more in Feng Shui, so keep your clutter and chaos in check. The point is to, live with what you love. We talk ourselves into keeping things that no longer serve us. If something reminds you of an ex – toss it out. If you hate looking at it – pass it on. If something is broken – fix it or dump it. No excuses – start today.

2. A shrine honors, blesses and focuses your intents

A home shrine can be anything that has meaning to you. I adore Ganesh and Buddha statues so my shrine is placed on my desk where I light my Magical Candles, incense and send my prayers to the universe. Your shrine can be family photographs and seashells collected from a beach holiday. Add a bit of spirit to your home with whatever resonates with you.

3. Pull out the welcome mat – literally and physically

Opportunity knocks at the front door and when it comes calling, what will be there to greet it? Why, a welcome mat of course. A fresh and clean welcome mat says to guests and opportunities, “Hi there – I am glad you came.” A welcome mat, bench, pair of potted plants or a spiritual statue also make for great greeters. You get one chance to make a first impression.

4. Romance the bedroom

Bedrooms have two purpose and two purposes only; recharge your battery through sleep and rejuvenate your spirit through romance. Anything else, simple belongs in another room. The bedroom is Yin meaning, you want to keep out exercise equipment, electronics including television sets, the laundry, children’s toys and your home office. Decorate in pairs. Remember, it is the dance of duality where love flourishes. A romantic bedroom has two bedside tables, two bedside lamps and romantic art.

5. There is no such thing as perfect Feng Shui

Do not stress over having a perfectly set-up house or office. Even when you start from scratch picking out the perfect location for a building, it is never perfectly perfect. And that is the great thing about Feng Shui. It mirrors nature and there are no straight lines in Nature. Nature is about the odd-shaped leaf and bending river. Embrace “happy accidents” and go with the flow and you will always be on the right path.

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Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

Image Credits: Anita Rosenberg

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