Ahhhhh...a vino bath!

Today, I took a look and found four semi-empty bottles of red wine and in my refrigerator about the same amount of white wine. All bottles diligently sealed off with the VacuVin method.


What to do with leftover wine.
What to do with leftover wine.

These bottles hang around because they’ll be used for seasoning, braises, sauces, making vinegar and hell, even making wine jelly! Realistically, though the bottles sit there until the space has been cluttered to the max and then they’re poured out. Whoa! That’s a waste of something good.

Here are FIVE THINGS amazing things to do with wine besides drinking and enjoying:

#1 — Freeze it as soon as possible: Pour wine into ice cube trays and freeze.

Pour wine into ice cube trays for freezing and later use.
Pour wine into ice cube trays for freezing and later use.

Pop the cubes into baggies and keep in your freezer to use as seasoning for soups, stews, sangria, marinades and even dropping a white wine ice cube into a not-cold-enough glass of white wine. This way, no dilution and an instant cuvée!

#2 — Make that wine jelly:

Homemade Wine Jelly makes a great gift.
Homemade Wine Jelly makes a great gift.

All you need is a saucepan, some pectin and chopped/crushed fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) and honey or real sugar. Heat, stirring, correct sweetness to taste. Let cool in sterile, decorative jars and refrigerate. Very cool gift to bring some Pinot Noir, Rosé or Chardonnay jelly when you’re invited to dinner.


#3 — Pour white wine into a sealed jar and refrigerate: Next time there’s a spill of red wine – cold, white wine to the rescue! Pour it on and blot with a white cloth and shazaam, the stain is out. Yup. This works!


 #4 — Clean up: All wine tastes good because of the balance of the fruit and acidity. That acidity can also make a great cleaner for porcelain sinks and tile countertops. Pour white wine and use the scrubber side of a sponge to remove stains without using harsh chemical cleaners. You can also put leftover wine into a spray bottle and use it to clean fruits and vegetables. The alcohol will get rid of bacteria and other impurities.


 #5 — Vino Spa Treatment for your skin:

Ahhhhh...a vino bath!
Ahhhhh…a vino bath!

Everyone now knows about the terrific anti-oxidant benefits of wine inside your body, but those same valuable molecules do wonders for the outside too. Pour some wine in your tub and allow the wine to baby-soften your skin, while you relax with a glass of vino.

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