The Journey is the Destination!

I stayed at a geodesic dome in Joshua Tree over the weekend. It was magical.  It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere with our very own Joshua Tree out our front door. The interior space was a decorator’s delight complete with quirky mid-century accents through out. There were Indian blankets and rugs, cactus terrariums, hand sculptures and spiritual rocks creating a happy place.

I especially liked the hanging macramé chair. I got super creative last night swinging in that chair. Let’s just say crochet wrapped Joshua Tree trunk art work sounded like a cool idea at the time.

There seems to be a trend lately – a bright yellow colored front door. Love it! This is the first thing I will do once we get our next home. You can’t help but smile when you see it.

The initial thought of staying at a dome house was that it would be tight and cramped, but I was wrong. The space was creatively configured and had an open airy “homey” feel. There are five skylights in the eye of the dome that have a powerful visual effect.

Feel free to play dress up when you stay – the boho style dress and hat I’m wearing was on the coat rack in the bedroom just waiting for the perfect photo op!


There are pops of color that highlight the space that make it fun.  I applaud the owners Katherin & Brian Smirke for creating such an artsy space.  I read an interview with them and they had said that when they originally thought about buying a place in the dessert they put an ad out there on Craig’s List and an owner notified them before he put it on the market.  I often find that destiny and the power of intention have a lot to do with finding the right place for you.  That is why  I tell me clients to clearly define and visualize where they want to live.  Writing it down often helps the process.

Not all places are perfect.  Sometimes you need to be able to see the diamond in the rough.  That’s what these guys did.  Check out this before picture:

beforeapt therapy

Katherin and Brian refer to the window opposite the couch facing the desert panorama as the “television”.  So good to get out of the tech infused atmosphere for a minute and actually “see” the world around you.  The desert beauty is awe inspiring.  Our early morning hike was a testament to the serenity of the moment.  Nature is calling…no phone necessary.

JTa (28 of 29) copy 2

Tips on a visit to Joshua Tree: Breakfast: Crossroads, Lunch:  J.T. Saloon, Dinner: Sam’s Pizza for Indian Food,  and for a Spiritual Sound Bath: Integratron.

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