2015 Year of the Wood Goat

Wood Goat

Yi Wei or Year of the Wood Goat begins Feb. 4 – are you ready?

Wood Goat
Wood Goat

First of all, Goat is an Earth animal and earth stars tend to have baggage – hoarders – so you are going to want to clean out your closets, garage and basement before the year starts. 90% of problems comes from the baggage you hold onto. So, your first order of business is to CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER.

Chinese Metaphysics is the study of elements and 2015 has water so people will become smarter. That’s good news because 2014 had no water so people did stupid things. The general forecast for 2015 is that it will be a better year but not fabulous. It will be slightly better for making progress, but there will be illness. Water mixes with earth so the contamination of the world on many levels will become worse. The most important elements in 2015 are WOOD, METAL and WATER so we look for those elements in a person’s BaZi Chinese Astrology chart. If you  have all three you are off to a great start. This is how you have a great year. Earth is a negative element for 2015 so if you have a lot of earth in your chart you will have a messy year.

So what do you do if the year is not looking good for you personally? You hang out with those who have great charts and who are going to have a great year. Help from others is needed for success in any endeavor. Most billionaires have ordinary charts but they surround themselves with those who have great charts. That is the secret to success.

Industry Outlook for 2015:

WOOD is the most dominant element so industries that will boom include things that are up-and-coming, agriculture, health care and healing, publishing and bio science. Wood is represented by academics, research, medication and education. If you are a teacher or healthcare expert you will do well. Businesses that rely on seasonal changes like fashion, landscaping and developers will also do well. Without wood in your chart, you will have cash flow problems in 2015.

Aspen Landscape with trees

WATER industries include trading, retail, hospitality, fishing, travel and expanding international markets.Work related to thinking, innovation and wisdom. If you have water in your chart you will have a lot of opportunities in 2015.


METAL is weak but important. It represents money and banking. Interest rates will increase. People with metal in their charts will strike good deals using OPM (other people’s money.) Metal industries include jewelry, automobiles, metal equipment and finance.


FIRE is a negative element in 2015 so if you have a lot of fire in your chart you will have more problems. Industries related to spiritual well-being and metaphysics will take a hit. Businesses like technology, marketing, computers, promotion, cosmetics, beauty products, hair salons and the entertainment business also fall under fire.


EARTH has been an unfavorable element in the past few years and even though it is dominant in 2015, it is still negative and will have issues. Earth represents Real Estate and in 2015 prices will be good, but there won’t be a market of buyers. It seems that the value is there, but no one wants to buy. Realtors with strong water in their chart will sell more luxury property. Other earth industries include natural resources, insurance, bricks and building materials.


Success in 2015 is about paying attention to opportunities that your way. Awareness is the key!

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