2014 Year of the Wood Horse

2014 Year of the Wood Horse


2014 Year of the Wood Horse
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February 4, 2014 launches the Chinese New Year and when we look at the year of the Wood Horse through “Feng Shui and BaZi Astrology eyes” we look at it elementally and how these elements play off each other. Here is an industry outlook for 2014. Where does your business fit in?

  • Fire is the dominant and most prosperous element of the year. On an environmental level fire energy will bring about more explosions and we will see more ice melting. With fire in your natal BaZi chart you will tend to go with the flow and see more opportunities. Industries related to spiritual well-being will boom in 2014. This is going to be what people want, so if you are in the world of metaphysics give the people what they want and you will prosper from 2014. We like to look at fire businesses like petrol fuel, restaurants and food industries, airlines, technology, electronics, computers, fire arms and promotion and services as areas that will excel in 2014. Businesses where you make others look beautiful like cosmetics, beauty products, and hair salons will also do well. The entertainment business also falls under FIRE businesses.
  • Wood is also strong for 2014 so wood industries will excel like academics, research, medication and education and knowledge-based work. If you are a teacher or healthcare expert you will do well. Businesses that rely on seasonal changes like fashion or design will benefit. Wood is also about items made of wood and includes landscaping, developers, designing, and inventing. To grow your business in 2014 you want to incorporate wood into your marketing by teaching something. Add educational tools to your business, whatever it is. Wood is about slow growth so don’t expect things to change overnight.

Now depending on where you live in the world, different countries will experience a different forecast. The WEST COAST is METAL while the EAST COAST will tap more into WATER. The elements that are weak in 2014 and reflect industries that will not do as well include:

  • Water industries include trading, retail, hospitality, travel and expanding to international markets. Work related to thinking and innovation, wisdom and intelligence are also water fields. Consumer goods, tourism, sales, and transportation are businesses that will not do as well in 2014.
  • Earth is still a weak area in 2014 as it has been the past few years. The property market will not emerge a giant this coming year. If you have a lot of earth in your chart or earth is your wealth you will want to partner with others who are going to have a good year and that is how you will prosper. No one can do it alone, so you need to be smart about who you work with in 2014. Look for someone with a good chart of wood and fire.
  • Metal is also an element that will not be strong in 2014 and those with Geng Metal in their charts needs to look out for legal problems. Banking, insurance, and finance will suffer.

The key to success in 2014 is in knowing yourself inside and out and what elements are in your chart so you can control the game. Where is FIRE & WOOD in your chart? Where are the important elements and how do you best access them to have a prosperous year? To have your personal BaZi reading contact: Anita Rosenberg 213-379-5677 or www.AnitaRosenberg.com.

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