10 ways to Ignite the Burn

By:  Bing Dinh – Personal Trainer
Contributor’s Website:  Bing Dinh

Don’t settle for ho-hum fat burning! Trick your body into melting more calories with techniques that have science on their side. Best of all, many of these easy moves work to jump-start a lagging metabolism so you continue to burn extra calories throughout the day–even while you sleep.

1. Quench your thirst with cool water: A British study found that drinking refrigerated water (39º F) allows you to train 25% longer. It keeps your body temperature down and energy up for a good workout. 

2. Swing those arms: Keep your arms at 90 degrees and pump them as you stride. This movement will automatically speed you up and burn 15% more calories.

3. Pop in your headphones: Listening to your favorite playlist can help you go 20% longer, according to a study from West London, Brunel University.

4. Put on some weight: To really rev up the calorie burn, increase the weights, not the reps–even when exercisers lifted identical volume (such a 10 lbs. 10 times or 20 lbs., 5 times) those using the heavier dumbbells burned 25% more calories. Heavy weight creates more protein breakdown, so your body uses more energy to repair and recover– that’s how lean muscle is built. 

5. Break up your set: Instead of doing 2-3 sets of single exercise, do a circuit: complete just 1 set and then immediately move to the next exercise, repeating it 2-3 times. Studies show that circuit training burns nearly twice the amount of calories due to your heart-rate staying elevated longer, which burns more fat after training, according to Anthony Caterisano, PhD of Furman University.

6. Head outdoors: In addition to providing the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery, heading outside burns 10% more calories than walking or running indoors.

7. Crank the incline: If you stay indoors, cranking up the incline on a treadmill will firm up your derriere and rev up your calorie burn by up to 60%

8. Log at least 12 minutes: Add a burst of heart pumping cardio (moderate to high intensity– or when you are breathing somewhat hard) to create a training effect that improves your body’s ability to use oxygen and generate more fat burning enzymes, such as lipase, so you can eliminate more flab.

9 .Cut your workout in half: Short bursts of vigorous activity can speed up the weight loss and cut your workout time in half. Australian researchers found that women who alternated 8 seconds of high intensity with 12 seconds of low intensity for 20 minutes, 3 times a week lost up to 16 lbs., shrunk their stomach by 12% and thighs by 15% and gained 2 lbs of metabolism-revving in 4 months. 

10. Don’t skip stretching: Stretching helps you move freely during aerobic exercise, it enables your muscles to rebuild more strength during weight training, it also keeps muscles long and lean.

Follow these ten steps and start igniting the burn today!

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Contributor’s Website:  Bing Dinh

Image Credits: 1st: apanyangku.wordpress.com; 2nd: fitforlifewife.blogspot.com; 3rd: truhealthquest.com; 4th: musclesforwomen.com

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